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Business Consulting

We are the Professionals in the Business of Healthcare

For nearly 2 years, the TELE HEALTH SERVICES (THS) and its Developing organizations have provided an energetic forum for networking and knowledge sharing. THS provides members with an in-depth understanding of the persistently changing healthcare business environment which is unreachable anywhere else. we core is the belief that knowledge is obtained via continuous professional development, which grows exponentially when we share it with our fellow members through the exchange of insights and best practices. In turn, this helps deliver unparalleled benefits to our members and their clients.

The THS holds one advanced professional training retreats and one annual conference in great destination cities, because education is one of the key tenets from which we learn and share knowledge. These events are the perfect chance to get away from the office to focus on Learning, Networking, and having a little fun with your THS members.

Increasing system productivity and minimizing description are integral to our organization’s success. We optimizing an existing IT system, acquiring a new platform ,or developing a customized solution.

  • Have needs assessment for existing and pre-purchased IT Systems
  • Platform selection and customization to meet your specific needs
    When it comes down to the expenditures and time dedicated to proper due diligence, it makes financial sense to use THS with its network of developers and coders to ensure that your final decision on an IT solution is viable – based on its ability to satisfy your needs, perform properly and deliver value after the sale.
  • Billing Software
  • Mobile/apps developers